This site will track the refurbishment of N7083D - and other adventures.

The first Antonov AN-2 was built in 1947 at the Antonov
Design Bureau  located in the Ukraine.  Soon afterward
production moved to Poland where Mielec manufactured the
bulk of the AN-2 fleet that exists today.

The simplicity of design, considerable payload, and robust
structure made the AN-2 suitable for operation in remote
locations such as Northern Russia.

The AN-2's  mission included transport of  passengers, cargo
& paratroop carrier, crop dusting and air ambulance.  The
aircraft is powered by a 1000 hp. radial engine.  

Due in part to the high lift of the biplane configuration and
significant power, the AN-2 has remarkable slow speed and
short field characteristics.  The aircraft can seat a dozen
people.  It is self sufficient to the point of containing its own
compressed air source, and a self fueling system that can
draw fuel from a drum and pumps it vertically 14' to the top
wing fuel cells.  

The aircraft can also be hand started.  This is accomplished
through a geared crank that is attached to a flywheel that
when reaching the speed of 60 RPM a clutch mechanism is
released that cranks the engine.

Total worldwide production is reported to exceed 18,000
units.   The aircraft continues to be produced under licence in
China as the Y5-B.
This site currently tracks the refurbishment of N7083D, a
1976 Antonov AN-2, along with other trivial pursuits.  More
pictures are needed!  

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