Box Canyon!  Interesting concept.
Evening Flight with the boys over Texas.
Phoenix with Jan.  Flew up to Sedona
in the twin and toured around the area..
Rich focuses in on speed.
Lights over Detroit on a trip to Canada
Toronto on another trip.  The easiest
and most enjoyable access to the city
is landing at Toronto Island Airport.
Rob in the co-pilot's seat.
Bloke and John turn it on for the
The Texas Air Museum in Rio Hondo
was a rich experience.  This was one
of the exhibits I flew.
Michelle Skydives near New Braunfels,
Jan in Weslaco, Texas.
Ahhhh -- my first Bonanza - 1958 J35.

My Photo Album
West Texas Below
The first Bonanza 1958 J35
Toronto's Tower ahead.
Jim Wolcott in his AN-2